Stream Technologies Recognised as Top European Company in Recent Insuretech Report

Following the success of the recent Scaleup Summit hosted at the Borsa Italiana in Milan, Stream Technologies have been regonised as being one of the top the 12 European companies in a recent Insuretech report.

The report by Mind the Bridge and Deloitte has identified, these fast-growing companies that stand out among the 106 European total scaleups that directly or indirectly affect the insurance sector.

There is a new ranking produced by Mind the Bridge, in collaboration with ELITE (it's called SEP ELITE Tech Scaleup 500) and provides a list of the 500 best European scaleup companies based on the risk capital collected. Scaleups are more than a promise, they are fast-growing innovative companies that already bill a significant amount and are naturally very important not only as an entrepreneurial success and for the economy they generate, but because they confirm certain technological trends on the market.

In the insurtech industry, where the research was supported by Deloitte, 106 scaleups were identified, which collected a total of 1.8 billion dollars. And the trends that the selection has brought to light is that the sector seems to be driven by artificial intelligence technologies, with some early examples of implementation in customer support, Big Data analysis, security and fraud detection. There are also important applications in regulatory space (RegTech, ID Verification and Protection), as well as in the areas of health, housing and mobility. Relations between the insurance and the automotive world continue to be important.

Among these 106 scaleups, the report highlights in particular 12 companies, of which Stream were named, whos work is directly involved in the insurance industry or will have a significant impact on the industry.

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