IoT-X features in IoT Now eUICC Special Report

Just released in the latest edition of the IoT Now magazine is a an eUICC Special Report in which IoT Now speaks to Mohsen Shakoor and Robert Shah of Stream Technologies about how eUICC is transforming the IoT connectivity landscape, and how Stream's IoT-X Platform as a Service is enabling and simplifying the global deployment and orchestration of eSIM based connectivity.

As embedded universal integrated circuit cards (eUICCs) and embedded subscriber identification modules (eSIMs) begin to be rolled out, Stream's IoT-X Platform is enabling enterprises and mobile network operators to be freed from the constraints of having to manage contracts with multiple providers in different countries in order to support IoT deployments.

Mohsen Shakoor, who leads strategic partnerships at Stream Technologies, and his colleague Robert Shah, a product manager at the company, tell IoT Now how eUICC is transforming the IoT connectivity, and how IoT-X is simplifying this fragmented landscape.

Mohsen Shakoor, Strategic Partnerships, said "Stream provides a managed end-to-end eUICC connectivity service, eliminating the need for the enterprise to sign contracts with multiple parties and develop infrastructure and systems to orchestrate the underlying systems."

He continued "Users of IoT-X can manage eSIM profiles manually via a graphical user interface (GUI) and application programme interfaces (APIs); as well as automating the profile swap based on business rules such as location. As a result, if a device goes from country A to B, the eSIM profile can dynamically swap per the predefined rules."

Robert Shah, Product Manager, said "Whilst the market is fast realising that the adoption of eSIMs is inescapable, it was not foreseeable. As a result, many platforms provided by traditional vendors have limited support for eSIM and will continue to be restricted by their heavy technical approach."

He goes on to outline that "In contrast, IoT-X’s agile network, infrastructure and integration methodology truly simplifies the process for enterprises to adopt and scale with eSIM."

Read the full interview here:, or pick up your copy at the TM Forum - Digital Transformation World in Nice, France on the 14th - 16th May.

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