Stream Technologies Release New Website fuses the best of our legacy connectivity services and the IoT-X platform; together they represent a formidable offering for enterprise end customers as well as wireless carriers around the world seeking the very best in M2M/IoT connectivity.

Stream Technologies will continue to place innovation within IoT connectivity at the very forefront of our vision and goals. This enables us to offer superlative global connectivity services and a carrier grade connectivity enablement platform, tailor made through experience of delivery, for the M2M and IoT sectors. We will continue to drive business forward on a collaborative basis with partners within our IoT-X offering. Together we will continue to simplify the complex in IoT connectivity.

IoT seems to have got white hot this year!

Contrast this to the prospects here in the UK of a white Xmas... one thing is for certain - 2015 will see continued accelerated growth of everything concerning connected 'things'.

In Q3 we made available for adoption by carriers around the world IoT-X, our next gen connectivity enablement platform. Already integrated with other technically innovative companies around the world, including ARM, & ThingWorx, IoT-X is fast evolving as a unique IoT eco-system. It has created phenomenal interest on a global scale, from all corners of the IoT world; there is nothing else quite like IoT-X, technically or conceptually.

The whole team here at Stream wishes everyone a very happy Xmas and New Year, together with very best wishes for 2015.