Stream Launch 4G Multi-Network Services for IoT / M2M

Stream Technologies, a global leader in IoT/M2M connectivity solutions, has launched 4G services across multiple UK networks. The new service will deliver enhanced performance and quality of service for solutions being deployed in Transportation, Security, Digital, Medical and Retail. The 4G service is also ideally suited for the replacement of more traditional, fixed line internet connectivity, providing cost efficient and time to market benefits.

"Customers look for the simplest and most efficient method of deploying the highest quality, fully managed 4G services", said Kevin McDowall, COO of Stream Technologies."Stream offers the widest available choice of 4G Operators, enabling customers to easily mix & match and deploy a fully integrated service, combined with superior levels of resilience and reliability".

Stream's uncompromising investment in network architecture and optimizing technology will always ensure our service is head and shoulders above the rest of the marketplace. Customers need not invest in expensive new architecture. They can have solutions up and running in minimal time.

The appetite for ever increasing data requirements is a key trend in the 4G IoT/M2M sector. Stream's ability to provide true "super bundles" of 4G data as a wholesale solution from one single & expert provider represents a key benefit for clients.

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About Stream Technologies
Founded in 2000, Stream Technologies is a pioneer in IoT & M2M Connectivity Enablement. Providing wholesale connectivity across a global footprint, utilizing multiple networks supported across multiple networking technologies, including Cellular, LPWAN and Satellite. Stream's award winning IoT-X™ Connectivity Management Platform enables Operators and Enterprises real time access and control of their entire connected base, regardless of bearer technology. This award-winning solution fuses monitoring, management and billing onto a single platform with super resilient backhaul infrastructure to provide a 'virtual state of network' representation. Stream is privately owned and headquartered in the UK, with presence in London, Glasgow and Dallas.