Stream Technologies interviewed for the latest edition of IoT Now Magazine

Nigel Chadwick and Alan Tait of Stream Technologies talk about their work with LoRa and the role that their IoT-X platform can play.

After a number of years of relative stability - even inertia - the wireless connectivity part of the IoT value chain is bursting into life again. New technologies and standards, many based around Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) concepts have emerged; the ever-scarce radio spectrum is being sliced and diced in different ways; and many new entrants are appearing to offer devices, services and applications specifically for this terrain.

But how are these emerging connectivity options and the subsequent choices that we will have to make going to affect the current status quo? Many of the M2M and IoT solutions and strategies that now surround us have largely grown using those familiar flavors of GSM, from 2G to 4G, all supported and synchronised by the vital standardisation work of ETSI and the 3GPP.

To get a better insight into some of these issues, IoT Now's editor, Alun Lewis, recently sat down to speak with two senior representatives of Stream Technologies, developers of the award winning IoT-X IoT platform: Nigel Chadwick, the company's founder and CEO and Alan Tait, CTO.

Download the supplement here: IoT Now: LoRa Supplement

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