Stream Technologies and Censis announce collaboration to bring LoRa networks to Scotland

Stream Technologies, a world leader in IoT connectivity and Censis, the Innovation centre for IoT sensors and connectivity, are collaborating to develop and deploy IoT sensor networks across Scotland.

Stream have already deployed a fully operational demonstrator LoRa network across Glasgow's city centre which is in use for air quality monitoring, intelligent transport and metering solutions.

Glasgow is a perfect test case as it's very similar to many major metropolitan areas worldwide, it has a grid system like major US cites, older historic areas and a mix of urban and extra urban environments ideal for testing low power radio network performance.

Censis works closely with the academic and business communities to help drive adoption of sensing and IoT technologies. Stream, with Censis, aims to create a LoRa technology cluster in Scotland bringing the expertise of local companies to help drive LoRa globally.

There is a significant focus on IoT coming from various government agencies and many opportunities exist for companies looking to enable their business for IoT. Stream and Censis have been working closely to help enable these opportunities for companies focusing in Smart sectors/technologies.

Stream has been working to promote LoRa to the community in Scotland to build a comprehensive solution set and template for Future Smart cities which can be replicated in any major city.

"There is a drive, specifically in Scotland, to embrace Low Power Radio technologies and how they can be used to drive IoT and automation in industry. By working with Glasgow, Strathclyde, and Glasgow Caledonian universities we benefit from the academic community and Censis provides the bridge in to both these and the wider business innovation sector. " - Nigel Chadwick, CEO, Stream Technologies

"LoRa technology is set to address key challenges in the IoT - making possible long-term battery-powered wireless monitoring, with the additional benefit of real-time location information. By working with Stream, we are able to deliver robust and reliable access to this technology to those in business and academia at the forefront of new IoT solutions and businesses. We look forward to helping scale new businesses addressing needs in smart cities, precision agriculture, long term care and more." - Mark Begbie, Business Development Director, CENSIS

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