Stream Technologies in Land Mobile Magazine

Alan Tait, Stream's CTO, is mentioned and quoted in latest issue of Land Mobile magazine - LoRa: Kickstarting IoT Innovation in the UK

Please find an excerpt of the magazine article below:

UK companies from the IoT space, such as Stream Technologies in Glasgow, are also using LoRa platforms to help communities explore the emerging possibilities of accessible and affordable IoT spaces. Alan Tait, Stream's CTO, explains: "In Glasgow we've set up a LoRa test network that is managed by our IoT-X platform. We've already got a wide range of partners from industry, academia and enterprise coming together to showcase various applications such as smart cities, intelligent transport and several smart campus projects with the three Glasgow universities."

"LoRa has a number of advantages over its closest rivals - it's open, has good range, is low cost and isn't controlled by one major provider," Tait adds. "There are some mobile network operators deploying LoRa networks in other parts of the world, but the vast majority are smaller private networks that can be set up and managed for a very low capital expenditure."

The LoRa community often points out that once you have a network set up for your own ends you can then sell capacity on it to other users. You wouldn't necessarily trust it for truly mission-critical purposes, but its cost and coverage make it attractive for some applications - like tracking lost cats as one project in Reading is proposing.

You can read the full article online here.