Stream Technologies Deploy LoRaWAN Version 2 Network in Scotland

Further to the success of the Glasgow LoRa® based IoT network, which was announced at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Shanghai, Stream announce a major upgrade to their network to include GPS-free location based services.

Stream Technologies, together with partners CENSIS, Boston Networks and Semtech, has upgraded to a Version 2 LoRaWAN™ network in Glasgow, United Kingdom, which enables a wide range of applications that require the determination of a location as part of the overall solution. This functionality does not require any additional data or power from the end-devices, and therefore enables GPS-free geolocation services on devices with up to 10 years of battery life.

The network is currently being used by enterprises for solutions ranging from street lighting to environmental monitoring. The GPS-free location based services will see the introduction of solutions that are not financially or technically feasible on a LoRaWAN version one network, including asset tracking in power constrained environments.

With a background of over 15 years in enabling IoT connectivity solutions, Stream's IoT-X connectivity management platform has natively provided geo-location services for their cellular customers, including multi-billion-dollar security firms. Stream see the new LoRa geolocation capabilities as a simple yet effective extension to IoT-X and any deployed networks.

Glasgow IoT LoRa Network

According to Machina Research, approximately one-third of IoT connections will be critically dependent on geodata. Stream will now provide Cellular, WiFi and LoRa based geolocation services on a single interface via IoT-X.

IoT-X's ability to deploy, manage and commercialise networks across LoRaWAN, cellular and satellite enables over 500+ enterprises to operate in the IoT Sector.