Nigel to Present at Cambridge Wireless Smart Cities Event

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Nigel to Present at Cambridge Wireless Smart Cities Event

Event Date: Fri 07 April 2017 | by Stream Technologies

Stream Technologies' CEO, Nigel Chadwick, will be speaking at Cambridge Wireless's Smart and Intelligent Cities Special Interest Group (SIG) event in London's Digital Greenwich centre on Tuesday the 11th of April.

Cambridge Wireless

Following on from the success of Stream's recent trip to Asia, where LoRa continues to expand in countries such as China, Singapore and Vietnam, Nigel has been invited to speak about how IoT-X enables Smart City connectivity and supports the scaling of IoT deployments across Smart Cities. Nigel will also discuss the unique pre-integrations that IoT-X has with multiple AEPs (Application Enablement Platform) and how these facilitate the rapid deployment of cellular, satellite and LPWAN (Low-Power Wide-Area Network) networks, including LoRa®. IoT-X is increasingly being adopted by enterprise clients, smart city organisations, and service providers, including MNOs (mobile Network Operators), around the world.

The event will mark the launch of the Smart and Intelligent Cities SIG. The group will address a broad range of challenges associated with the development of smart cities, such as the need for standards, procurement and regulation as well as issues relating to interoperability and integration of a myriad of technology applications.

The core objectives of the Smart and Intelligent Cities SIG are:

  • To Provide Insight
    Informing members and providing analysis on the latest trends in market development, in technology innovation and in new insights into end user needs and behaviour.
  • To Stimulate Fresh Thinking
    Assembling thought-leaders from a broad ecosystem to broaden the understanding and sharing of ideas, creating fresh insights critical to fuelling innovation and developing new businesses
  • To Create New Partnerships
    Facilitating valuable new connections between individuals and organisations, and between traditionally different industry sectors. Smart Cities will continue to accelerate with technology providing the disruptive innovation that, creates both many new challenges and many more new opportunities to trade.


About Stream Technologies?
Stream Technologies are innovators in IoT connectivity and network enablement. Stream's customers include OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), enterprise clients, government organisations, MNOs and MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) as well as smart city operators and solution providers.

IoT-X is Stream's class-leading CMP (Connectivity Management Platform). Use IoT-X to manage cellular, satellite and LPWA connectivity, including LoRa. IoT-X is fully integrated with Oberthur's M-Connect eUICC platform, Stream's LoRaWAN™ network server and includes LoRa subscription management capability. IoT-X is the world's most agile CMP.

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