Nigel Chadwick on the cover of M2M Now Magazine

Nigel Chadwick, co-founder and CEO of Stream Technologies is interviewed on creating an Uber model for IoT.

Stream Shares the vision that almost all new technologies eventually come to subvert the established order is clearly evident for anyone looking at the last few decades of history.

Soon most humans on the planet will own the equivalent of a 1980s supercomputer - a smartphone - and businesses will increasingly benefit from advanced applications and services through cloud-based pay-as-you-go models. Moore's Law inevitably means disruption - at least for a few years yet!

Voice and data communications, once the preserve of highly regulated and state-owned monopolies, has become a free for all. We expect to be able to connect anywhere and at any time and a host of new wireless technologies have emerged linking the last few miles and even the last few meters.

Large chunks of the radio spectrum are also being re-purposed and resold. But what does all this mean for the M2M/IoT sector? Some players will try a business as usual approach, but corporate inertia and legacy business and technology models will stifle much needed innovation. However, others will quickly see and exploit the immense opportunities emerging from these disruptive forces.

M2M Now's Alun Lewis caught up with Stream Technologies founder and CEO, Nigel Chadwick, to explore how his company has responded to this tightly intertwined mix of technology and commercial change, creating in the process - and in his words - "the Uber model for IoT".

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