Nigel Chadwick discusses technology on STV News

Nigel Chadwick CEO of Stream Technologies and Roger Dubar founder of Zapcode were invited on to STV News to discuss the success of technology companies in Scotland.

Lucy Whyte of STV News interviewed Nigel and Roger on how their company's integrate with everyday technology to form part of a multi-million pound industry. Nigel spoke of how Stream has received fantastic support from SDI (Scottish Development International) including a platform enabling Scottish companies to exhibit at some of the biggest trade shows around the world.

The interview also touched on the public's appetite for smart devices and how the explosion of the IoT (Internet of Things) means the demand for the connectivity solutions that Stream provides for connected devices will also continue to grow at an ever increasing pace.

Nigel also spoke of how being based in Glasgow has provided Stream with an excellent development team, with Glasgow's Universities bringing in the best talent from not only Scotland but from around the world. To date a good number of Streams staff have been employed through the University graduate schemes.

To hear more from Nigel and Roger, you can watch the full interview by clicking the link: