IoT-X... Possibly the MOST disruptive technology in IoT?

M2M Innovation World Congress was a fantastic event which fostered exchanges of insights and best practices in achieving the full potential of M2M/IoT for enterprises.

Taking the opportunity to highlight Streams uniquely disruptive technology in M2M/IoT, Nigel spoke of how & why IoT-X is the next gen 2.0 Connectivity Enablement Platform.

The presentation provides a unique summary and insight into Device Management & Application Layer platforms and highlights the rarity of Stream's technically innovative IoT-X Connectivity Enablement Platform ' as designed for use by MNO's, Wireless Carriers and MVNO's around the world which seek a simple, powerful and cost effective solution to SIM management & billing in their M2M and IoT sectors.

Machina Research's recent white paper on 'Connectivity Enablement Platforms' was referenced, with a focus on key technical & commercial attributes that combine to result in the 'ideal' platform for use by 3rd parties. You can read the full white paper here:

Please click the link to watch the full video: Nigel speaks on IoT-X and Connectivity Platforms