Alan and Nigel are interviewed by IoT Now Magazine

Stream's own CEO, Nigel Chadwick, and CTO, Alan Tait, were recently interviewed by IoT Now Magazine for their special IoT Platforms Supplement.

The term IoT platform is now being appended to everything from a module in a device to a connectivity plan and all points in between. This marketing blizzard is creating confused definitions of what constitutes an IoT platform and not helping providers communicate the benefits of the platform approach to enterprises and users.

IoT Now Magazine

"The IoT platform definition debate leads to a huge amount of confusion mixed with largely overlooking the critical importance of connectivity management platforms," says Nigel Chadwick, the chief executive of Stream Technologies. "Identifying the strategic and functional strengths of the relatively few platforms, such as Stream Technologies' IoT-X, that can act as an operating environment for connecting IoT devices and transiting data in a resilient and easy way would add clarity."

For Alan Tait, the chief technology officer of Stream Technologies, a true platform is disruptive but actually creates simplicity. "We believe we are disrupting the traditional model of requiring customers to integrate hardware, protocols and connectivity by putting together a variety of technologies developed by a number of different companies, that can provide the solution from the edge device to the cloud," he explains. "We're not treating that as something overly-complicated to be able to do, in fact we are simplifying the end-to-end process, but what is important is that we're taking care of the elements many have found challenging by combining connections and hardware in a service delivery product which is providing something unique in the market.

Chadwick says Stream Technologies, with its IoT-X connectivity, data routing, IoT service billing and event decision-making platform, is enabling customers to eliminate complexities. "We put all this functionality together so the customer doesn't have to," he says. "They can focus on their business and core solutions, which might be selling consumer white goods - they are not in the business of managing connected services. Effectively, we're accelerating time to market for clients and increasing their visibility into what their devices are doing whilst also future proofing through continuing to ensure IoT-X remains wireless type agnostic."

"We've been working exclusively in IoT connectivity for 16 years and daily we're figuring out and sifting through the offerings on the market to establish which combinations work best for each customer," he adds. "Using IoT-X provides a glue to ensure data is routed from A to B to C. Effectively we're an operating environment for IoT with service delivery on one side and connectivity management on the other side and a data routing module that sits at the heart of our platform"

Stream Technologies will use IoT-X to bring the best complimentary technologies to its customers. One example is eSIMs, which Tait says are making the process of getting a device set up and connected radically simplified.

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