IoT Evolution Editor's Day Interview with Stream Technologies

IoT Evolution Editor's Day Interview in Silicon Valley with Stream Technologies' VP of Strategic Partnerships Kurt Kelley.

The need for connectivity for achieving operational efficiencies is (hopefully) becoming a fait accompli in the industrial and corporate worlds. But how to get started? It can seem daunting to look at the perceived challenges in deploying a new enterprise-wide connectivity platform, especially if you're looking at a fully-customized solution. Time can extend into months or a year, and costs can get out of control very quickly.

There's a real trend in the IoT industry for more plug-and-play, fast to deploy solutions that compress timescales and development costs while offering tested, reliable connectivity from the edge to the heart of the IoT.

IoT Evolution Editor's Day in Silicon Valley, spoke to Kurt Kelley, VP, Strategic Partnerships, Stream Technologies, and he gave the low down on how enterprises can get connected and start earning those cost-saving efficiencies as soon as possible.

Watch the full interview below:

You can also read an extract from the interview on 'Top Tips for Enterprise Connectivity' here: