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As part of our commitment to accelerating the growth and adoption of the IoT, Stream has launched a variety of incubator networks which allow enterprises, academic institutions, start-ups and entrepreneurs to realise their IoT potential. This pioneering project delivers greater access to emerging technologies, such as LoRa. Stream’s incubator networks provide an entryway into LoRa technology and encourages collaboration between industry experts, academics and enterprises. It’s our objective to nurture the development of the IoT and foster growth throughout the industry.

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Our Motivation

For many organisations and individuals, developing IoT projects in real-life conditions can prove challenging. For example, developing and testing smart city applications can be prohibitively expensive due to the lack of open-access testing environments. Developers in this field require consent from multiple parties, dedicated hardware, specialised software and network technology, as well as estates in which to create an effective test environment. This results in a heavy strain in finance and time. Stream’s incubator networks are designed to stimulate the development of IoT sensors and applications and to address the challenges of developing smart cities in real-life conditions.

Giving back to the IoT community

Stream’s continuous growth in the IoT domain has enabled us to have leverage our capital and partnerships to deploy LoRa-based networks in various geographies, including the Glasgow and Liverpool in the United Kingdom. Our main incubator network is in Glasgow, the city where Stream Technologies was founded and bases the majority of our R&D and support staff. The network is open-access, which means developers, companies and academics can connect their LoRa-enabled devices to a free-to-use test environment.

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Class-Leading Connectivity

Using the latest hardware and most recent LoRaWAN specification, Stream, together with partners, has deployed a Version 2 LoRa network in Glasgow, covering the city centre and surrounding areas. This network enables devices to communicate over a long range, with battery life of more than 10 years and the ability to access location information without the need for GPS.


Since its deployment, our incubator networks have been used to develop solutions ranging from street lighting, waste management, tracking and environmental sensing. To support the acceleration and growth of the IoT, Stream invites innovators, from academic institutions, start-ups and entrepreneurs to utilise our network to develop, test and launch IoT solutions.

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