LoRaWAN Sensor and Gateway Management

Class A, B and C compliant

Adaptive Data Rate supported

All LoRaWAN compliant gateways supported

Gain real-time information about sensor and network performance

Per-Sensor or Application Data Routing Feeds

Real-time messages can be routed through APIs, Sockets or MQTT brokers

Apply multiple data routes to a single sensor

Retrieve historical messages through IoT-X’s user interface or via APIs

Advanced Billing and Sensor Usage Information

Create traditional billing models to monetise access to the network

Gain visibility of the number of messages or total amount of data sent

High Availability, Stable and Secure Infrastructure

Global infrastructure providing a 99.999% uptime

LoRaWAN network servers deployed globally for low latency performance

Intuitive Web Interface

Perform actions quickly and easily with IoT-X’s award-winning user interface

Flexible Restful APIs for Integration

Stream’s suite of RESTful APIs can be used to automate certain actions and integrate with the customer’s existing infrastructure

Customer and Sensor Segregation

Provide end-customers with accounts via which they can provision sensors on the network

Private LoRaWAN Application Segregation

Unlimited applications to segregate customer networks.


LoRaWAN Network Server

Stream LoRaWAN Network Server: Integration

Stream’s LoRaWAN network server decodes and routes the data transmitted from LoRa end-devices via LoRaWAN gateways. This allows customers to manage any of their LoRa devices using Stream’s IoT-X connectivity management platform.

IoT-X Network Server: Integration

To assist in enabling a smooth rollout, Stream’s hardware partners can provide gateways that are pre-configured to route data to Stream’s LoRaWAN network server.

Customers can register LoRa devices and set up LoRa applications quickly and easily, using Stream's robust server and the customer’s deployed network infrastructure.

The Stream LoRaWAN server decodes and routes the data received from devices by LoRa gateways. Stream’s server enables data to be routed via IoT-X or forwarded to a third-party application such as Microsoft Azure, PTC ThingWorx, IBM Watson IoT or scriptr.io.

Stream’s LoRaWAN server has been integrated to function with LoRa compliant gateways from leading LoRa network providers such as Kerlink, LinkLabs, MultiTech or any device using the Semtech packet forwarder. Stream are constantly integrating more ecosystem partners to ensure sound interoperability between our product offerings.

Stream LoRaWAN Network Server: Deployment & Regions

Our infrastructure is deployed across the main regions of Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas to ensure that Stream can provide low latency connectivity across every region in which LoRa is available.

Stream LoRaWAN Network Server: Deployment & Regions

Stream’s standard deployment model involves IoT-X and the LoRaWAN network server being deployed on Stream’s public cloud infrastructure, which provides global access and local network servers for each region.

Stream also support the ability to deploy services into public cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services for in-country local deployments.

LoRaWAN Network Server
Wireless Connectivity for Gateways

Wireless Connectivity for Gateways

Stream can supply global wireless backhaul connectivity to customer gateways via our world-leading cellular and satellite connectivity services.

IoT-X enables customers to link a SIM card to a gateway, allowing easy identification of the locations to which SIMs are deployed and easy management of connectivity costs on a per-gateway or per-network basis.

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