Gateway & Network Management

IoT-X supports all V1 and V2 LoRaWAN compliant gateways. Stream can help customers to get up and running by providing the configuration files and help information required to set up applications.

IoT-X provides visibility of gateway performance, gateway location information and the costs associated with the backhaul network.

IoT-X enables customers to manage network performance by enabling them to tailor each gateway’s radio configuration.

Subscribers to Stream’s connectivity services also gain visibility of IP connectivity.

Sensor Lifecycle Management

Stream’s LoRaWAN network server and IoT-X platform minimise the complexities associated with managing and provisioning end-sensors. Stream deliver seamless one-click provisioning for all end-devices, enabling customers to manage sensors individually or in bulk.

Manage the lifecycle of each sensor on private or public networks by allowing the end customer, or internal support team, to add and manage sensors.

Stream support the LoRaWAN V2 specification for native location detection of LoRaWAN sensors. This allows customers to view all sensors and gateways using IoT-X’s mapping modules.

Data Routing & 3rd Party Integration

IoT-X allows end users to configure custom data routes and send sensor data to common platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson IoT, PTC ThingWorx and Data is sent to the chosen application or infrastructure in real time.

End users can create an unlimited number of integrations and apply them to individual sensors or every sensor in an application. Integrations can be created using pre-configured routes or standard protocols such as MQTT, HTTP, WebSockets or Socket.IO.

A single sensor can have multiple data routes associated with it, allowing the payload to be sent to multiple locations simultaneously.

Management & Customer Segregation

Stream’s innovative account management structures support both private and public LoRa networks.

Private network owners can manage all sensors, gateways and applications through a single interface and set of APIs.

Public network owners can provide end user accounts with the ability to deploy and manage sensors themselves. End customers can be on-boarded on to IoT-X in minutes using the platform’s award-winning interface, or immediately using automated APIs.

IoT-X can be integrated with existing workflows to maximise efficiency and provides an easy interface for customer management. This significantly simplifies customer engagement.

Integrating IoT-X directly with platforms such as Salesforce allows quick and easy conversion from sales enquiry to live account. Account creation can be automated to deliver the fastest possible time to market.

Invoicing & Reporting Billing Services

Stream’s robust and granular billing engine has been continuously developed for more than a decade. It enables LoRaWAN network operators to recoup revenue from the LoRa sensors on the network. Stream’s billing engine enables operators to implement granular billing models, such as charging customers on a per-message basis.

IoT-X's flexibility allows network operators to create unique billing models based on traditional models, create inclusive packages based on the number of messages communicated or the number of sensors on the network per billing period.

Custom branded invoices can be generated for customers to collect via IoT-X’s user interface.

Award Winning Interface

IoT-X’s user interface has been designed to allow the end user to perform as many of the actions associated with account management as possible.

Stream have devoted years of continuous development to creating an interface that is intuitive and easy to use.

The mobile version of IoT-X allows customers to manage their account using a smart phone or tablet.

Every customer has access to Stream’s online documentation and help articles to assist them when getting up to speed with Stream’s products and services.

Industry Standard Restful APIs

Customers can integrate their own applications or infrastructure with IoT-X using Stream’s suite of RESTful APIs. The Stream API supports both token and key based authentication methods and includes the ability to use JSON or XML.

Stream have developed IoT-X with the philosophy that every action should be available in both the user interface and the API.

Backhaul Connectivity

Stream can supply global wireless backhaul connectivity to customer gateways via our world-leading cellular and satellite connectivity services.

IoT-X enables customers to link a SIM card to a gateway, allowing easy identification of the locations to which SIMs are deployed and easy management of connectivity costs on a per-gateway or per-network basis.

Gateways and SIM cards can be managed from the same account using the same interface and set of APIs.

Real Time Monitoring

Define business rules that provide critical real-time information relating to sensor performance and the costs associated with the account. Monitoring alerts can be set in terms of usage, from bytes to terabytes, or based on the number of messages.

Business rules allow customers to diagnose potential errors before they occur. For example, if devices are sending too many messages, customers can be notified through push APIs, email or SMS notifications.

Global Network Server Deployments

Stream’s infrastructure supports the main regions of Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas where LoRaWAN has been ratified and is available.

High quality of service is assured by Stream’s globally deployed local network servers, which keep packet trip time and latency to a minimum.


Stream are committed to following best practices in all aspects of the software and networking services that we deliver. Best practice is particularly important to Stream as most of our services are delivered on multitenant systems.

By default, Stream’s services are deployed with disaster recovery, capacity planning and network redundancy policies in place from day one.

Stream’s network is comprehensively monitored to ensure that the highest security standards are being attained and that the network is fully compliant with U.K. data protection and computer misuse legislation.


The multi-tenancy, multi-realm design adopted by Stream enables our offering to be both horizontally and vertically scalable. To increase capacity, containerised instances can be deployed separately or additional resources can be applied to existing instances.

Trusted & Highly Available

Stream are trusted by over 500 enterprises across the globe. With a growing portfolio of awards, including the Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award 2016, Stream hold an inimitable reputation in the IoT industry.

Stream's infrastructure has a proven track record of resilience and reliability, with an uptime of 99.999%. Stream deliver a high level of connectivity assurance by deploying an N+1 backbone architecture and geographically redundant network.

Supported by Stream’s robust network infrastructure, LoRaWAN network operators can expect to see lower churn rates and higher rates of repeat-customer business due to an unrivalled level of service.

Flexible Deployment

IoT-X is natively deployed on Stream’s private cloud infrastructure, which is a highly resilient, fault tolerant network that is supported by geographical redundancy.

IoT-X can also be deployed in country locally or on a public cloud, such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

Designed with data sovereignty in mind, Stream support local in country hosting for countries with strict data safe harbour and hosting policies.

Solution Ecosystem

In conjunction with a continually expanding ecosystem of partners, Stream are ideally positioned to provide robust applications to LoRaWAN operators. With over 15 years in the IoT industry, Stream has a wealth of experience in delivering cutting edge solutions for customers.

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