IoT-X Connectivity Platform

IoT-X is Stream’s award-winning connectivity management platform.

IoT-X monitors, manages and monetises device endpoints and provides customers with subscriber management, billing, data routing and reporting capabilities from one centralised location.

IoT-X Platform

PaaS: Platform as a Service

IoT-X acts as the management console for connected devices, allowing users to log in to manage and monitor connectivity.

Enterprises, equipment manufacturers and network operators can utilise the power of IoT-X to monetise connectivity or connected solutions.

Already Have a Connectivity Platform?

IoT-X overlays and integrates with other legacy platforms. This can extend and consolidate multiple connectivity options via a single new management platform, via its powerful and flexible functionality.

IoT-X makes it simple to add satellite, low power radio, Wi-Fi and even other cellular network capabilities to gain all of the additional functionalities. No need to replace existing investments in the current platform.

Simply use IoT-X to extend legacy platform capabilities.

Connectivity Icons
Subscriber Management


Manage all connectivity
on one screen

Billing and Monetisation

Billing &

Consolidated Billing for
all types of connectivity

Advanced Data Routing


Advanced Data Routing from
device to destination

How it works

Enterprise clients, MNOs & MVNOs adopt IoT-X to manage SIM cards, satellite and LoRa connections via APIs or provision and manage connections through an existing management platform with which IoT-X can be easily integrated. They also benefit from APN infrastructure for transiting data from customer devices.

How IoT-X Works

Subscriber Management

Manage subscribers with IoT-X's one-click activation and unified interface across all communication types.

IoT-X enables Stream customers to resell to their own customer channels, enabling multi-tenant, and multi-tier capabilities and provides simple integration into a new provisioning platform.

Billing & Monetisation

IoT-X provides customers with seamless billing services. Users may bill on any traffic type, and the IoT-X allows billing for complete solution bundles, for all hardware, applications, services and connectivity.

IoT-X also empowers users to create plans across multiple communication types and networks with the convenience of a single invoice for all subscribers.

Data Routing

Data routing capabilities with IoT-X include the ability to define network routing, create pivot points and route data to any third-party application.

Stream also provides access to secure built-in libraries for common data services.

Trial IoT-X

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