TM Forum - Digital Transformation World

Digital Transformation World - formerly TM Forum Live! is TM Forum's flagship event. The HOW of digital transformation for the telecommunications industry.

Stream Technologies will be exhibiting at Digital Transformation World 2018 as it is the global showcase for thought leadership; proof-of-concept collaborative projects (Catalysts); tools and research (TM Forum's Digital Transformation Tracker version 2 will be released at DTW for example); leading industry suppliers; and more.

As 2020 rapidly approaches, the global telecoms industry is at a critical turning point. While high-margin services have been reduced to mere commodities of the digital world, hyper-scale online service providers have capitalized on opportunity after opportunity, reshaping expectations on everything from profitability to customer experience in their wake.

But the game isn't over, and the fate of the telecoms industry is far from decided. Digitalization of complex, established industries and the emergence of open, connected 5G ecosystems represent a $500bn+ opportunity. Seizing this opportunity demands radical change: a game-changing leap in operating efficiency and agility, only possible with a new mindset towards to IT & Operations. A mindset which measures the impact of IT on the 95% of OpEx it serves, rather than the 5% it consumes.

The need for bold leadership to drive this change has never been greater. The industry today demands a unique blend of business, technology and people leadership skills: harnessing new technologies to deliver innovation, simplification, automation and true business intelligence. Technology is no longer an internal supplier, cost center or blocker: in 2018, technology is the business.

Make it your business to be a part of the revolution in Nice, 14-16 May.

With an emphasis on the 'HOW' Digital Transformation World 2018 - formerly TM Forum Live! provides impartial, actionable advice and the practical next steps you'll need to navigate and manage this new environment and the complicated digital ecosystems which now exist.

Further Information
For further information about Stream's products and services, or to arrange a meeting with one of our representatives, please contact

When: 14 - 16th May 2018
Where: Nice, France

Twitter: @tmforumorg