IoT Build

The Internet of Things is already huge - companies are shouting about the benefits of predictive maintenance, improved customer service and sensor driven analytics as well as the associated enormous economic benefits.

But as with every new and fast growing technology sector, the options are infinite, the pitfalls immense and the range of technology choices mind boggling - the talk is already of billions of sensors producing "brontobytes" of data.

IoT Build is designed to steer you through this minefield by focusing on end user case studies - the chance to listen to companies that have already undertaken IoT projects and who are prepared to talk about them.

IoT Build is about Platforms, Connectivity, Applications, Messaging Systems and Middleware, Security and Edge Computing - the IoT ecosystem in attendance

There are more than 400 IoT Platforms - avoid locking your company into the wrong platform choice

Business sessions and technical sessions will cover the complexities of building an IoT solution

Content delivered by enterprise technology architects, your peers, who have gone through the IoT journey and who will reflect on their real life case studies

Further Information
For further information about Stream's products and services, or to arrange a meeting with one of our representatives, please contact

When: Thursday, November 14-15th, 2017
Where: Olympia Kensington, London, UK

Twitter: #InternetofBiz