Catapult Satellite Applications

Use of Sensors and Communication Devices in Agriculture

Precision farming is based on data gathering, processing and analysis to help farmers and food growers improve productivity and reduce waste.

The data is gathered by in-field sensors, and telecommunication devices are used to transfer the data to the internet. Data analytics tools are then used to enhance yields and reduce the environmental impact of farming.

The Satellite Applications Catapult, along with Agrimetrics, CENSIS, and Agri-EPI Centre, are holding a workshop to present the current farming practices which involve data gathering and processing. It will also describe communications technologies used to transfer in-field data to the Internet.

This workshop is aimed at individuals and organisations, from farming and sensor communities, looking to discover the capabilities of sensors in agriculture and explore future opportunities.

Further Information
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When: 21st November 2017
Where: Technology and Innovation Centre, Glasgow

Twitter: @satappscatapult