Satellite Connectivity

Stream's satellite connectivity services have been developed through close integration with partner satellite network operators, Iridium and Inmarsat.

The combination of Stream’s ultra-resilient backhaul infrastructure, the award-winning IoT-X connectivity management platform and Iridium and Inmarsat’s global satellite coverage, delivers a unique value offering to customers. Together with Iridium and Inmarsat, Stream can enable low-cost IoT networking across the globe.

Stream's ultra-reliable, global satellite connectivity services are ideal for customers who are transmitting business critical data from remote locations.

Satellite Connectivity
Stream Technologies and Inmarsat

Inmarsat - BGAN M2M

Inmarsat BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) M2M is a connectivity service that is ideally suited for connecting monitoring and control applications to unmanned devices in remote locations.

Optimised for low-bandwidth, low-throughput communications, it is an extremely reliable, global IP based service that operates at a low data rate.

Inmarsat - IsatData Pro

Inmarsat IsatData Pro is a low data rate, two-way satellite communications service that is designed to connect people with equipment and enterprise applications in real time, anywhere in the world. IsatData Pro utilises burst-mode communication, which can be used to temporarily boost data transmission rates and store-and-forward messaging to enhance reliability and ensure that critical data reaches its destination.

IsatData Pro is the ideal service to support asset tracking and telemetry applications.

Stream Technologies and Iridium

Iridium - RUDICS

Iridium RUDICS (Router-Based Unrestricted Digital Internetworking Connectivity Solutions) is a data service which operates over the Iridium satellite network.

RUDICS allows customers to establish a low bit rate IP connection with their devices. This service allows customers to transmit data to and receive data from their devices via a CSD (Circuit Switched Data) channel.

Iridium - SBD

Iridium SBD (Short Burst Data) is a simple and efficient service which enables short data messages to be transmitted between IoT devices and a host computer system via the satellite network. Iridium SBD combines low-latency transmission rates and global coverage, making it an ideal solution for customers who need to communicate with IoT applications in remote locations, where cellular connectivity may not be available.