A Complete Connectivity Solution

Partner with the Experts

Global Coverage

Stream foster partnerships with MNOs worldwide to provide
high quality multi regional & country celluar services for IoT.

The company is fast building a lead in eSIM/eUICC connectivity enablement for enterprise clients requiring multi cellular network services across different territories.

Network Resilience

Stream's data routing infrastructure, including a private backhaul IP network is fast, resilient and highly reliabile.

We deliver a high level of connectivity assurance by deploying an N+1 backbone architecture and geographically redundant network, thereby mimising connectivity downtime.

Managing Connections with IoT-X

All cellular connections irrespective of MNO are managed via Stream's proprietary IoT-X user interface. IoT-X is the world's leading IoT connectivity platform, providing granular monitoring features, highly functional connectivity management tools, visual analytics and detailed billing-usage records.

Full eSIM management capability included.

Roaming, Unsteered, Strongest Signal

As well as leading in eSIM connectivity, Stream provide roaming solutions for IoT. This comprises 2G, 3G, 4G & LTE variants and is supplied on a global basis.

Unsteered and strongest network signal options are also available.


TCP optimisation technologies designed into our network infrastructure ensure data is transmitted to/from devices quicker - with up to 40% increase in speed, together with reduced latency & jitter, resulting in improved streaming reliability.

Stream's packet loss mitigation technologies operate at the protocol level, requiring no changes to software or device.

Greater efficiency in transit of data results in lower costs.

Private APN

A private APN enables external parties to safely and securely connect remotely to a corporate network. It enables organisations to have a private network completely separate from the public internet ensuring data is protected from unwanted access by third parties.

Devices using a private APN are protected from attacks from external parties, since a private APN is segregated from the public internet.


Stream's IPsec is a set of protocols that are designed to enhance the data security and protection of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) for customers.

Encryption techniques utilised by IPsec ensures data integrity s protected while traversing a network. IPsec encryption algorithms protect data in transit from unauthorised viewing or copying.

Data authentication ensures data received by the application has been sent from a trustworthy source, mitigating the risk of malicious traffic being sent to the customer’s network.

Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network (VPN) allows customers to establish a secure, encrypted connection when using a public network, such as the internet.

Stream supports various data encryption standards for VPNs including IPsec, L2TP & OpenVPN.


Direct Inbound Network Access (DINA), is a proprietary technology designed by Stream providing a secure & convenient way for customers to establish a direct connection to IoT devices.

DINA allows customers to associate any of their SIM's with a public IP address enabling accessing devices remotely via a web page, from any location in the world.

DINA's restricted access is inherently more secure, reliable and cost-effective than alternative services such as fixed public IP addressing.

DINA offers a higher level of fault tolerance than fixed public IP addressing.

4G/LTE Connectivity

Our 4G/LTE (Fourth Generation/Long Term Evolution), connectivity offer an extremely fast wireless internet connection. Offering the fastest transmission speeds in cellular connectivity with reduced latency & extremely stable data transfer, ideal for use in video surveillance & streaming services relying on high data throughput.

Stream offer 4G connectivity on all four UK networks, means customers benefit from optimised coverage for every connectivity need.

3G Connectivity

Stream's 3G (Third Generation) connectivity provides customers with a fast & reliable connection for IoT devices. 3G is the ideal solution for customers who transmit large amounts of data, but do not require the ultra fast transmission speeds offered by 4G/LTE.

Alternatively, customers may opt for 3G connectivity if their devices are deployed in a region that does not have 4G/LTE coverage.

Our 3G services are enhanced through TCP Optimisation.

2G Connectivity

Stream's 2G (Second Generation) connectivity provides customers with low-cost, low-bitrate connectivity.

2G consumes less power than 3G or 4G/LTE providing a service that optimises device battery life.

Our 2G connectivity services are ideal for customers requiring transmission of small amounts of data whilst minimising operating costs & power consumption.

Roaming Services

Providing global IoT connectivity, Stream has integrated with Tier 1 MNO's worldwide. Offering services across 600 MNO's, Stream provides a versatile range of connectivity options, ranging from low usage flat rate tariffs to high usage options for specific countries & regions.

Regardless of the operator being used, all customer data traffic is transited via Stream's resilient APN infrastructure, ensuring customers retain visibility & control of their entire connectivity.