UK China Smart Cities Challenge

Stream Technologies was invited to present its Smart City solutions to a "Dragon's Den" style panel in Manchester on the 4th of February.

This event called "UK China Smart Cities Challenge" was organised by UK Trade & Industry (UKTI) and the Future Cities Catapult. The panel comprised of representatives from the UK and China, each with specialist knowledge in the new and exciting field of Smart Cities. Digital China was represented by audience members, complete with a translator.

Each company had 5 minutes to present their product, service or solution to the pane, 5 minutes translation time, and then 5 minutes to answer questions from the panel. A wide variety of ideas were presented, some quite abstract and other very tangible - all of them very good though. It was sometimes amusing to see the translator struggle to explain niche technical concepts into Chinese but judging by the comments and questions from the panel and Chinese audience he must have done an excellent job.

I presented Stream's connectivity enablement and management solutions which was a bit tough to cram into 5-10 minutes, especially to a such a wide audience. Alan Tait, our CTO, assisted with technical questions.

It turned out very well for us with positive feedback and even some business enquiries arising immediately after the event. We are awaiting the outcome of the challenge and are hoping to see Stream going through to the next round.

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