The Smart City Revolution

Over the last year Stream Technologies has become a familiar sight at Smart City related events. This should not come as a big surprise given their advances in smart connectivity, effectively creating a global connectivity network for IoT and Smart Cities. Companies wishing to participate in the Smart Revolution are increasingly turning to Stream for guidance.

This includes sectors such as VSAT, where it's not immediately obvious how and where it could play a role in this new and potentially daunting arena. To address this topic, on 20 February Martin Wiesner, Stream's Smart Cities Director, delivered a keynote address at GVF Connectivity 2015 in London, explaining how satellite operators and resellers could make themselves relevant in Smart Cities.

In short, it implies being on the connectivity 'menu' of those building and operating these cities, by making your technology available on platforms such as that of Stream. The more versatile the 'menu', the wider it will be adopted by Smart City developers and service providers. It doesn't get more versatile than Stream's IoT-X connectivity ecosystem which is rapidly becoming the de facto partner for projects requiring multiple types of connectivity on one platform

On 6 March Martin is attending and participating in the Mayor of London's Export programme at City Hall in London. Delegates from various market sectors are attending, including Future Cities Catapult and UKTI. Again the focus is on Smart Cities, specifically how London based companies can export products and services related to this. It's not hard to see where Stream could be of value in a world where connectivity is increasingly forming the backbone of every new project.

As always, new business relationships are forged and old ones firmed up at these events. Looking forward to the next one!

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