The First 30

I wanted to take a minute to reflect on my first 30 days with Stream Technologies, and what has transpired in this very short amount of time... It all started 5 minutes after turning in my Verizon equipment with the first conference call. From there it has been non-stop!

The first week included a trip to Verizon HQ in Basking Ridge not as an employee, but as a potential vendor/partner. It was bitter sweet to be on the "other side of the table" after nine years, but extremely exciting to say the least. Exciting from the perspective that working for Stream Technologies is now allowing me to help so many additional businesses prosper in the IoT & M2M segments. I too was glad to see the interest on Verizon's face as well since it was almost like a confirmation I made the right move.

From there it was over the pond to London, and then Glasgow for week number two. We hosted our inaugural IoT-X Live event in London, and WOW what a success! Social media was blowing up, and the feedback at the event was nothing but positive. Stay tuned for next year's date to be released. The most interesting part of this trip was learning what "real" jet lag feels like, and what it means to look for your next cup of coffee like its life support.

From London, it was off to Glasgow to spend a day at our R&D and Innovation center. What a treat and learning experience that was. The team of developers, along with visionary leadership has put together a business model that is second to none in the world. The creativity behind building our IoT-X platform to be both connectivity, and carrier agnostic was beyond impressive. The best part of all is that everything was developed and is maintained in-house!

Back over to the US to get ready for week number three... Week three was off to Boston for the LiveWorx event. The food was outstanding at the venue, and the event was also well attended. I too had the opportunity to meet some of our partners, and start forging new relationships. That event was followed in week number four with IoT World in San Francisco (It's surprisingly chilly there in May!).

Again a great event four weeks in a row! The booth was absolutely astounding, and everyone seemed to stop by for a chat and to sneak a picture. Excellent job to the team on the layout, and execution. If you missed it, you must stop by at CTIA in a few months in Vegas... It's worth the trip just to meet our amazing team members, and see our booth. I have to say, the attendees of the IoT World event were the most diverse and engaging crowd I have ever seen. It was yet again a great feeling to get all of the feedback, and forge yet even more meaningful relationships in the industry. So many nice, smart, intriguing people in the IoT space! Can't wait to meet even more over time.

Last week was the tough one though... My body literally didn't know what to do without weekly traveling and time zone changes for the previous five weeks straight. It was hard to readjust, and just in time to start it all over again. Love it! I have to say, after being in the large corporate side for the past nine years with Alltel/Verizon I was a little concerned if I still "had it" to work for a small company again. I must admit this is the most fun I have had in many years, and my creativity is being utilized again too...

Until they let me do this again, work hard, do something new, grow through what you go through, and I promise you will do things for people you never expected! Onward and upward we go from here.

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