Stream's IoT-X platform to be used in Vietnam LoRa trial

Stream's IoT-X Connectivity Management Platform to be used in LoRa trial is one of Vietnam's first projects of this type.

Vietnam LoRa Trial

Nigel Chadwick, Stream Technoloies' CEO, met with project participants in Vietnam this week to prepare the way for IoT-X PaaS to manage LoRa® connectivity.

ARM'S Cortex chip will form part of the solution to be deployed in Q1 of 2017.

What is LoRa?
LoRa is a long-range wireless technology. It is designed to meet the requirements of IoT applications that function over a low-power wide-area network and use low power, battery operated devices to transfer data at a low bit rate over a long range.

IoT-X PaaS
IoT-X acts as the management console for connected devices, allowing users to log in to manage and monitor connectivity.

Enterprises, equipment manufacturers and network operators can utilise the power of IoT-X to monetise connectivity or connected solutions.

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