Stream at the Cape

A long walk on the beach is an idea tonic to recover from the 11 hours travel. Looking out to sea it was amazing to think that the only thing between myself and the South Pole was a dude in a surf board. The scenery is also amazing and Table Mountain absolutely lives up to its reputation as a world class tourist attraction. I can also recommend a visit up to Stellenbosch where the various wine producers are based. We drove up into the mountains and enjoyed a nice lunch in stunning surroundings and really got a feel for just how breath-taking this part of South Africa is.

This morning and early afternoon has been spent organising our stand and making sure everything is up to speed.

The stand is looking fantastic and has already had a lot of positive comments from other exhibitors at the show.

AfricaCom is shaping up to be a really busy show and we are receiving a huge number of meeting requests which is extremely positive. We kick off on Tuesday morning and I will keep everyone updated as the event unfolds.

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