Nigels Blog - 10th October

I'm always one to plug great companies and entrepreneurs who do things 'right', and if you have any interest in cycling at all then I urge you to look this outfit up). And from there onto Marseille, France's oldest city. This is a city that has in recent years since its Capital of Culture status and had come on in leaps and bounds as a vibrant and appealing coastal destination. Not least for the Parisians who seek an alternative to the resorts of Nice and Canne... so I am reliably informed by a number of local Marseille people.

And I wouldn't disagree - a stunning coastal location, historic quarters, contemporary museums & art galleries, adjoining miles of beaches and natural parkland in the hinterlands, sum to a brilliant destination to hold a conference; oh - yes - the climate is pretty appealing too!

And so it was, the first M2M Innovation event kicked off for 3 days near the Old Palace, with splendid views of the Vieux Port from the adjoining exhibition area. The appeal was evident... the event lured many stalwarts of the M2M scene, including our 'old' US adversaries Kore - whereby one of the seminar tracks had the audience listening to me and then Alex Brisbourne talk about all things innovative in M2M connectivity - it was a rare double act, mutual respect was rampant, and I reckon those listening got great value for money (but I would say that wouldn't I?). Anyhow, it was great to catch up with Alex, as it was with a host of other 'luminaries' from the IoT field, including Alloy, Eurotech, Inmarsat, and many more.

Much was discussed around the dynamics of the platform sector - in particular the referencing the limited number of platforms designed for connectivity; other topics included the increasing interest in M2M and associated value add plays by some of the SIM card manufacturers and SI's.

Highlight of the event? well, several actually... but the Tuesday evening was particularly splendid, as it included a hosted event gala dinner on board one of the old moored ships in the marina - certainly an evening of the best of French treats and one to be remembered.

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