Stream is turning from competitor to partner

OaSys, our award-winning connectivity platform, was shaking up the market and our range of services was growing rapidly. The ability to offer satellite side-by-side with cellular and low-power-radio would truly make us a one-stop connectivity partner, especially to our global enterprise customers - the logical next step. It means that 2014 became a very busy year for our development team. We on-boarded a range of satellite technologies ranging from traditional message-based services all the way to satellite broadband. This somewhat ambitious achievement didn't go unnoticed and we see more and more big corporations adopting us as their "connectivity layer2 for cellular and satellite services.

At the same time we were developing IoT-X which enables MNO's and MVNO's to use our platform as a service to manage their own connectivity bases and to pass this ability on to their enterprise customers. This concept, as sometimes happens in the unpredictable world of technology, mushroomed into something much bigger than we expected. Not only have we been approached by tier 2 and 3 network operators from all over the world but also by satellite distribution partners and large resellers. As their customer bases grow and become more diverse, it becomes increasingly important to manage connectivity on a single platform.

Plugging into IoT-X solves this problem but it also unlocks two important advantages: firstly the operator gains access to the global connectivity options that are already on the platform, secondly the operator's services become available to everyone else using the platform. This enables local or regional operators to solve their connectivity management issues but, as a by-product, they instantly extend their reach into territories (and technologies) that previously would have been impossible or impractical for them.

We now see a significant paradigm shift among operators and some of the larger resellers, where Stream is turning from competitor to partner.

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