LoRa Alliance All Members Meeting & Open House

Following on from the great success of the events in Barcelona, Rotterdam and Paris, this week's All Members Meeting and Open House in Santa Clara marks the first LoRa Alliance meeting to be held in the United States.

Running from Monday the 4th until Wednesday the 6th of April, in Santa Clara's Hyatt Regency, a packed agenda covered an array of events, ranging from LoRa Alliance Committee Meetings, to new member announcements and a public expo.

Committee meetings kicked off on Monday and ran through until Tuesday. The meetings facilitated a broad range of fruitful discussions and attendees vetted a number of issues. Following on from the committee meetings, Tuesday's agenda culminated with a hackathon, sponsored by Multitech.

Monday also saw the announcment that our award winning IoT-X platform now has full support for LoRaWAN. Customers can now manage their full LoRaWAN implementation directly from IoT-X. This is the latest step in our vision to manage all IoT connectivity on a single screen. You can read the full press release here.

On Wednesday the event was open to the public and included multiple sessions full of great information and open market place demonstrations. Concurrently, there was an expo for companies to display LoRa based solutions, modules and gateways to attendees.

I highly recommend watching the website for the next meeting announcement, and make an effort to attend if you have any desire to further your knowledge of anything LoRa related.

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