Live Demos at Mobile World Congress 2016

Stream have always been a true believer that a rotating PowerPoint presentation is never enough for trade shows and global expos, especially when it is as large as Mobile World Congress!

This year has been no exception, where we have been showcasing the latest version of IoT-X, which includes many enhancements for existing features and new tight integration into:

  • The Morpho eSIM Profile Swapping platform
  • Our LoRaWan network server, which has been developed from scratch

The Morpho eSIM platform allows global enterprises to deploy one physical SIM card and remotely control the profile that is applied to it:

  • Select a profile for any network on activation
  • Remove and add new profiles through the lifetime of the SIM
  • Automate profile swapping through APIs depending on the location of the SIM card

Onto of the eSIM integration, Stream have been working with a few members of the Lora Alliance to produce a demonstration that includes a hardware giveaway.

Microchip have created a batch of devices pre-configured to wake up and send light, temperature and location information through IoT-X where live data is shown on maps and graphs. Each person who is lucky enough to receive one of the LoRa Motes is given a unique login to IoT-X where they can view the connectivity information and see their live data and positioning information.

Multitech have provided LoRaWan gateways to help build a public LoRa network in Mobile World Congress that allows all of the microchip devices to communicate through to IoT-X.

On our stand, we also have a private LoRaWan demo with a Smart Agriculture sensor unit that reports humidity, temperatures, pressure and more information through a Multitech gateway to IoT-X and routed to an Application Enablement Platform. In true spirit of Streams live demos at events, it all worked first time and has proved a great talking point for meetings and people around our stand.

Come visit us at #7C18 and pick up a Microchip mote to see IoT-X in action.

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