IoTUK Boost Programme LCR Launch

Sensor City Building Liverpool

Earlier in March, Dr. Andrew Wixted and I travelled to Liverpool for the launch of Sensor City's IoTUK Boost network. The event, which was hosted in the Liverpool Science Park, marked the launch of the city's LoRaWAN™ (LoRa® Wide-Area Network), which Stream have helped to deploy in the Liverpool City Region.

It also saw the announcement of the 10 IoTUK Boost initiative winners, who have been selected to develop and test IoT (Internet of Things) products and services in a live environment. The winning SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) will be utilising LoRaWAN technology in conjunction with IoT-X, Stream's award-winning connectivity management platform, to manage LoRa device connectivity and route data to their chosen application for visualisation purposes.

Stream have been heavily involved in the planning and deployment of the LoRaWAN and have helped to ensure that it provides adequate coverage to the Liverpool City Region. For example, prior to gateway deployment, Andrew conducted extensive network mapping exercises. These plans helped to determine which sites would provide the best levels of coverage to the city. As well as helping to plan the network, Stream also worked with Sensor City to configure the gateways and ready them for deployment.

LoRa Range Mapping

In addition to providing network planning expertise to the IoTUK Boost initiative, Stream are also supplying device connectivity management to the programme. Stream's award-winning IoT-X connectivity management platform will be used by IoTUK Boost participants to enable and manage LoRa device connectivity.

On a personal note, I am delighted that Stream have been able to assist in deploying the network and for the part we have played in bringing the IoT to Liverpool. While at the launch event, I had the opportunity to present IoT-X to the winning participants and demonstrate how quick and easy it is to connect devices to the IoT using Stream's award-winning platform.

Kerlink Gateway

Stream are proud to support the IoTUK Boost initiative, which is removing barriers to entry in the IoT marketplace and accelerating the development of LPWAN (Low-Power Wide-Area Network) systems across the UK. The programme is helping SMEs and entrepreneurs to rapidly gain the knowledge and skills needed to develop LPWAN products and services that are both innovative and commercially successful. The initiative will drive experimentation and innovation in areas including healthcare, traffic and transport services, energy management and environmental sensing.

Through our support of the IoTUK Boost initiative, Stream are demonstrating an ongoing commitment to fostering ingenuity and to the development of the IoT industry. Andrew, myself and everyone at Stream wish the IoTUK Boost winners every success as they ready their LPWAN products and services for roll out across the UK.

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