IoT-X Goes Global

I'm currently on my second round the world business trip since releasing the platform back in June and all of us at Stream are astounded by the level of interest in the IoT-X platform. Perhaps we ought not to be? After all - it is unique in the IoT and M2M ecosystem. Unique because there simply is no other platform that is enabling subscription and complete life-cycle management of any wireless communications - including cellular, satellite and low power radio networks (including Wi-Fi). Already we have a wide range of cellular, 3 satellite operators and the fast expanding Orion network fully integrated into IoT-X. With true global coverage, lightweight API's, packet loss mitigation/network optimisation technologies and unique backhaul infrastructure design, IoT-X is fast becoming recognised as the 'glue' that can unlock the value inherent within other organisations that offer complimentary and value enhancing elements of commercial offerings to companies and organisations worldwide seeking end to end IoT solutions.

You might still ask - why all the fuss? Well, there is more of course. Stream engages in a collaborative way with those who take our platform services (which includes MNO's, MVNO's, Carriers, SI's). And we always aim to value enhance all our partners, suppliers and customers alike. Our 'connectivity reach' is pretty unique, growing by the month as we integrated more and more network operators into IoT-X, and this will accelerate significantly soon, on starting the process of enabling operators across the world to adopt the platform for management of their own SIM and network connectivity. As those operators and their end customers can also benefit from the existing and growing wide range of existing networks already sitting on the platform - Single Platform, Local and Global Connectivity, is one way of putting it. Add into the mix the fact that IoT-X also includes a growing existing 3rd party value add services, which already includes such options as data exchange specialist, and ARM's MbedOS, and it becomes clear why Stream is at the forefront of helping shape the future of IoT connectivity.

And the world tour - it wasn't intended to be this way... how many times have you heard that one... LOL. A day in Mumbai for meetings, swiftly moved to the Taj Vivanta, Bangalore for Nasscom. A bit like a TED conference, Nasscom attracted some 2.000 CEO's/CTO's of some of India's most innovative and entrepreneurial entities - and what an energy there was to this event. Lucky enough, courtesy of UKTI to not only speak on the disruptive nature of IoT-X, I also participated on a panel which focused on IoT, alongside representatives from Samsung, Intel and Texas Instruments, enough said. I've been visiting India since 2006 and this trip is the first now to reveal serious intent coupled with ambition in the IoT space. For certain, I will be returning soon to drive Stream and IoT-X into new opportunities across India.

And it was an overnighter flight I boarded for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (with a short detour to Kuching - Borneo for a day off), to exhibit at the Asia M2M Business Platform event, where I met up with Alan Tait our CTO. As silver sponsor of this event, Stream Technologies are re-enforcing our commitment to enabling organisations around Asia via our IoT-X platform. I took the podium to outline to 'the gathered' the landscape and dynamics of IoT platforms and to explain the agnostic and open-ness of our API based platform solution, whilst Alan enjoyed a panel Q&A session that clearly highlighted some of the challenges facing both network operators and enterprise clients when trying to enable IoT connectivity - but more on that session from Alan in a separate blog.

One might think that enough ground covered for one week, but alas and thankfully not... Japan beckoned me back a mere 3 weeks after I was lucky enough to be there last. Serious opportunities now opening up in Tokyo and other areas across this wonderful country; such that a fast return visit was essential. More on all this in due course, but suffice to say this is exciting stuff, and other strategic based collaborations are fast transforming Stream into a truly global entity, with a unique proposition & positioning in the IoT eco-system.

The journey continues; plans changed last minute yet again. Rather than return to the UK, and after a rest day in the charming mountainous area of Hakone famed for its hot springs, Japanese onsen & splendid autumnal colours, It was a flight out of Narita intl airport, Tokyo this morning. And now a 22 hr journey to the Caribbean and then the US - joining our US based SVP of Global Business Development, Bill Podrasky, for a series of meetings 'State side' before finally completing my round the world trip back to UK, nearly 3 weeks after setting off.

As for the rest of the team, well Kevin and Martin are by now in Africa and preparing for Stream's first exhibition at the AfricaComs event... revisit to hear more from them and me shortly.

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