Internet of Things Dominates CES 2015

If you were able to attend this year's annual Consumer Electronics Association (CES) conference or have kept up with key takeaways from the event by reading news stories and recaps, you will have noticed a trend: The Internet of Things (IoT) was front and center on every "stage."

With more than 3,600 companies exhibiting all manner of connected devices and a number of panel sessions dedicated to home automation and other use cases, the conference took on a distinctively IoT-centric feel.

Boo-Keun Yoon, president and CEO of Samsung, made news by mentioning in his keynote address that, by 2017, 90 percent of Samsung products will be IoT devices. Yoon also declared that the IoT can "transform our economy, society and how we live our lives," and that it is "arguably the most important topic" in the technology industry today.

What Yoon's speech and the conference's emphasis on connected devices make clear is that global connectivity and IoT platforms that help enterprises manage their connections are going to grow increasingly important in the years to come. Many of these enterprises-as well as wireless operators looking to enter the IoT space-will need an end-to-end suite of IoT-enablement services and solutions that take the complexity out of tasks like:

  • Activation and provisioning of all subscribers regardless of technology
  • Ensuring connectivity through various network technologies
  • Keeping track of monthly billing and invoices
  • Having a common environment and user interface to manage their connectivity

Based on projections like Business Insider's claim that the IoT will be the largest device market in the world by 2019, CES 2015 is sure to have been the first of many technology trade shows that heavily feature the IoT. And considering some of the innovations enterprises rolled out this year-like smart deadbolts that can be locked from a mobile device-there is no telling what the future holds.

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