IBC Exhibition 2017 Review

Earlier this week we attended IBC, the world's leading media, entertainment and technology show in Amsterdam. We decided to make the trip due to the increasing global demand for real-time outside broadcasts. Stream's mobile communications network offers a robust and reliable solution for the wireless broadcast scenario.

The event covered every aspect of broadcast technology from IoT security, hardware to business strategies. There was a number of companies interested to learn about Streams wireless (cellular) connectivity services and how IoT-X (Stream's connectivity management platform) could aid their wireless broadcast business.

Wireless Broadcast Solutions

On display were some of the most advanced cellular broadcast solutions in use today. Companies whose broadcast cameras and equipment has the ability to connect a dongle or embedded SIM card for cellular connectivity, allowing the broadcast camera to have connectivity anywhere. Gateways - solutions that provide in-vehicle mobile connectivity by blending together cellular connections from multiple mobile network carriers and 3G/4G bonded uplink products were being demonstrated for live news and event coverage solutions.

How Does Stream Fit In?

Walking the floor, I spoke with many companies who were interested about Streams latest EU pricing and cellular coverage with 4G. Air time is not something that they all currently supply as part of their solutions, as customers will usually provide their own, but is something they are considering as the market is now moving towards putting out complete end-to-end solutions. With some of these companies having lost out on business they were keen to know how Stream's solutions could bridge any connectivity gaps.

Our US offering appealed to several interested parties that are struggling to get reliable connectivity for the US and at local rates rather than roaming rates. I advised that we have local rates in the US with the option of T-Mobile USA & Verizon. The main selling point for them was the fact that it was 1 SIM solution, you can take to the US, investigate the best network in that area and then Activate your SIM and lock it to that network giving you pricing at local rates.

Broadcast Magazine

The latest edition of Broadcast TECH magazine was made available early for the event. Stream are on the front cover and are featured in a 2 page editorial article, which outlines the company's robust, resilient and reliable connectivity services for wireless broadcasting applications. It seemed very popular as it was the first magazine to run out of copies at the event and every other person seemed to have a copy in hand. You can view the digital version online here:

eUICC The Future For Wireless Broadcasts?

One key driver for broadcasters noted from the event, is the ability to access and utilise the existing Mobile Network infrastructure in a far more efficient, scalable and seamless manner than is currently available. To do this in an efficient and cost effective manner, Enterprises need to have access to a fully managed service that will provide this seamless access, quickly and effectively.

Stream are pioneering the deployment of eUICC technology. In future customers will be able to utilise a single Stream SIM with the ability to actively change its network profile to best suit the location it is being used in. This capability will allow broadcasters to easily consolidate and optimise the deployment of their equipment as well as streamlining their cost management. This future solution created the biggest buzz at the event and is looking set to be in big demand.

Further Information

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