CTIA Super Mobility 2015

We have another successful CTIA Super Mobility show in the books for 2015.

The show this year for us was heavily focused on strategic partnership meetings. The expo floor was absolutely massive, and booths were looking better than ever before. The M2M Zone had a strong presence with many platform and hardware companies in attendance as well.

However, the vibe was different here than other IoT/M2M shows this year. People we spoke to were beyond the "science project" phase of IoT, and now looking for specific partnerships to move forward to market. This shows maturity and growth of IoT as more companies are adopting IoT solutions. I didn't hear the typical "we need standards in IoT" tag line, but rather "Do you have open APIs that we can speak to?".

This mindset shift brings with it an exciting move forward in this market. As with any large trade show, the major concern I have when conferences gain in size is that there is the opportunity for politics to become part of the culture.

I trust that CTIA will continue to be the show where market mature conversations take place to foster productive industry growth.

We look forward to next year being even better!

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