Celebrating Chris Froome's Tour Victory

Stream Celebrate Chris Froome Tour Victory 2016

As a Tour rider, reaching the finish line in Paris is an achievement in itself. But to be the victor is quite another feat altogether.

Brit, Chris Froome, lead rider in Team Sky has now sealed his status as one of cycling's all-time greats, donning the famous leader's yellow jersey, for a third tour win (and a fourth for Team Sky!). This outstanding achievement saw us here at Stream's Glasgow office starting the week off with celebratory croissants and coffee... and as we did, there was discussion about the journey Froome experienced in this year's Tour.

For one thing - it certainly wasn't a straight road to the finish! It took a bunch of different elements, largely to do with efforts of Team Sky in its entirety, to ensure Froome won. This included the pre-race prep, training plans and support, which included doing things right ahead of the event, ensuring the team was in top condition, with proper nutrition, and meticulously planning for all eventualities.

Hats off certainly to Sir David Brailsford, Team Sky's manager. But what about the unforeseen eventualities - those that cannot be fully planned for? These certainly occurred in the race and it was elements that derived from the professionalism and characters that combined to make Team Sky a formidable and effective force in the face of such occurrences, and which ultimately ensured Froome's victory.

And similar to winning teams the world over - in sport and in business - Team Sky exhibited a number of essential elements by the pannier-load... they had a clarity of vision (to get Froome over the line first); they had some of the very best talent to do the job; they stuck to the plan (to protect and guide Froome throughout); they demonstrated creativeness; and they acted selflessly with the bigger team aim and vision dominating. Never better exhibited than on Stage 19 when Froome slid in the wet and trashed his bike. With the teams support car way back, team-mate Geraint Thomas sacrificed his position in the Tour by giving his bike to his leader, enabling him to complete the stage and retain the yellow jersey.

So... well done once again to Froomie and the entire Team Sky... Henao, Row, Kiryienka, Stannard, Landa, Thomas, Nieve & Poels... the whole lot of you... we are sure that the entire cycling and also entrepreneurial worlds (early stage and established) - will recognise and empathise with the characteristics it takes from everyone involved to achieve results.

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