ARM Partners: Creating an Ecosystem for Earth's Ecosystem

Back in October, Stream Technologies was enlisted to join ARM's ecosystem of partners, a collection of innovative companies committed to advancing the Internet of Things (IoT) space through collaboration and integration of various technologies.

Those technologies include Stream's IoT-X multidimensional, technology-agnostic connectivity enablement platform, which sits squarely in the middle of the IoT ecosystem, surrounded by device management, data collection and transmission, system integration and more.

ARM's ecosystem will benefit wireless operators, making it easier for them to support their customer's IoT projects; enterprises, helping them cut costs and gain new insight into business processes through big data analytics; and consumers, facilitating home automation solutions. On top of those benefits, the ecosystem's effect on IoT growth will have a positive impact on earth's ecosystem as well.

How? Well, the IoT offers a number of profound applications for green initiatives. For instance, there are already smart thermostats on the market that save enough energy over legacy devices to become carbon neutral in a matter of weeks. Other potential applications for sustainability with the IoT include:

  • Smart metering that more accurately tracks and modulates power consumption
  • Home automation solutions that conserve energy in systems like HVAC, lighting and kitchen appliances
  • Intelligent pipes and taps that conserve and improve quality of water
  • Traffic lights that can detect when traffic is approaching from a single direction and change to green before the cars have to slow down, thus improving fuel economy
  • Smart cities that use big data analytics to make more efficient use of resources

These are just a few of the nearly limitless possibilities the ARM ecosystem-and by extension the IoT-offers for sustainability. It's a thrilling time to be in the IoT space and, for Stream, an exciting opportunity to work with an ecosystem of partners committed to transforming our world.

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