Connected Cars Expo 2016 - Olympia, London

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Connected Cars Expo 2016 - Olympia, London

Published: Thu 30 June 2016 | by David Evans

Co-located with Insurance Telematics 2016 and 5G World, the Connected Car show has provided a great snapshot of technology and business models that are being explored across all types of vehicle.

Connected Cars 2016

There has been a notable buzz around the fledgling 'eSIM' technology with many people interested to understand how this new capability can solve the age old problem of having to physically change SIM cards to effect a change in mobile network operator.

Simply put, car manufacturers are stating they require this 3GPP standard to give them flexibility for future global deployments.

The fact that Stream have recently integrated this solution in partnership with Morpho could not have been timed better!

All in all, a very positive couple of days and a good barometer for the future of Connected Cars.

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