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Stream Product Overview: DINA

In previous posts, we've described the secure access methods that Stream supp...

Wed 19 July 2017

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Stream's Solutions for Lone Worker Applications

Following my attendance at IFSEC International 2017, I thought it would be wo...

Thu 13 July 2017

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IFSEC International 2017

IFSEC International is Europe's largest security exhibition. Running from the...

Tue 04 July 2017

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Stream Security Solutions: Device Auditing and Platform Security

In my previous article, I explained how Stream's network infrastructure helps...

Thu 29 June 2017

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Stream Security Solutions: Infrastructure Security

So far, our series on security and the IoT has focussed on the threats that e...

Tue 27 June 2017

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Security and the IoT: Public IP Addressing

As part of Stream's series on the topic of security and the IoT, I'd like to ...

Thu 22 June 2017

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What You Need to Know About IoT Botnets

"Anything that can be connected will be connected. Anything that can be conne...

Wed 14 June 2017

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Myth Busting: eUICC and Non-Disruptive Technology

In this series, we have been looking at the future of global connectivity and...

Thu 18 May 2017

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Non-Disruptive Technologies: The New Paradigm

Rapidly emerging new technologies are becoming available to help scale global...

Mon 15 May 2017

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Towards a Global Network: Joining the Dots

Against the global background of a patchwork and fragmented cellular landscap...

Thu 11 May 2017

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Mobile Network Operators: The Coming Challenges

As introduced in my previous post, the world's MNOs (Mobile Network Operators...

Tue 09 May 2017

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How Mobile Network Operators Can Capitalise on the Internet of Things

Capitalising on the increasing visibility and presence of the IoT (Internet o...

Fri 05 May 2017

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CCTV Solutions Blog

Having recently noticed a spike in customers using Stream's connectivity serv...

Mon 10 April 2017

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Concerning Security

During Stream's recent visit to IoT Asia, I was invited to participate in a p...

Thu 06 April 2017

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IoTUK Boost Programme LCR Launch

Earlier in March, Dr. Andrew Wixted and I travelled to Liverpool for the laun...

Thu 30 March 2017

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Smart IoT London 2017 Review

Stream's successful first day at Smart IoT in London's ExCeL centre demonstra...

Thu 16 March 2017

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IoT Tech Expo Global 2017

After a very busy first day at the IoT Tech Expo Global 2017 at Olympia Londo...

Tue 24 January 2017

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Stream's IoT-X platform to be used in Vietnam LoRa trial

Stream's IoT-X connectivity management platform to be used in LoRa trial in o...

Mon 12 December 2016

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Internet of Things World Europe 2016

Located in the heart of Dublin, by the River Liffey, the Internet of Things W...

Thu 24 November 2016

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Mini LoRa IoT hackathon with Scriptr and Censis

Last week's CTO, Karim Saikali, flew in from Lebanon to visit the ...

Wed 21 September 2016

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Hackathons - Their Importance in Cultivating New Ideas

Conventionally, hackathons are fun, social events at which programmers, and o...

Thu 04 August 2016

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Celebrating Chris Froome's Tour Victory

As a Tour rider, reaching the finish line in Paris is an achievement in itsel...

Mon 25 July 2016

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Connected Cars Expo 2016 - Olympia, London

Co-located with Insurance Telematics 2016 and 5G World, the Connected Car sho...

Thu 30 June 2016

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IoT World 2016 - Santa Clara, CA

Wow! What an amazing transformation this show has gone through in just a year...

Wed 18 May 2016

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LoRa Alliance All Members Meeting & Open House

Following on from the great success of the events in Barcelona, Rotterdam and...

Fri 08 April 2016

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Final day of Mobile World Congress 2016

Final day of MWC 2016... this year dominated by IoT. ...

Thu 25 February 2016

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Live Demos at Mobile World Congress 2016

Stream have always been a true believer that a rotating PowerPoint presentati...

Wed 24 February 2016

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Cisco Gets Strategically Serious with Jasper Acquisition

Whilst there's been a string of MVNO's consolidating in the recent past (Kore...

Fri 12 February 2016

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IoT Evolution 2016 Recap

Stream Technologies' Vice President for Strategic Partnerships, Kurt Kelley, ...

Thu 28 January 2016

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IoT-X 'Smart Office' Blog

On a rainy afternoon in November our development team decided to 'smarten' up...

Fri 18 December 2015

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AfricaCom 2015

Well it's show time again in Cape Town. The opening day of AfricaCom 2015. ...

Tue 17 November 2015

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CTIA Super Mobility 2015

We have another successful CTIA Super Mobility show in the books for 2015. ...

Thu 17 September 2015

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IoT Evolution Expo Recap Blog

Stream Technologies was thrilled to be a sponsor of IoT Evolution Expo held l...

Mon 24 August 2015

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Unlocking new models of energy use through IoT

Renewable resources, such as solar energy and wind power, seem to be an effic...

Thu 30 July 2015

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PTC Live Global 2015

Stream Technologies had the opportunity to sponsor the PTC Live Global 2015 e...

Fri 12 June 2015

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Standing room ONLY - the LoRa Alliance Open House Meeting

The sun was shining in Paris, it was Paris Fashion Week, the Louvre was looki...

Tue 21 July 2015

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The First 30

I wanted to take a minute to reflect on my first 30 days with Stream Technolo...

Mon 01 June 2015

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Examining Low Power Radio Networks' Role in IoT Development

As companies work to figure out the best ways to implement and utilize the ne...

Tue 17 March 2015

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Smart Grid Data Analytics Drive Improved Efficiencies for Utilities

In the race to develop smarter and more efficient cities, utilities are begin...

Mon 16 March 2015

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The Smart City Revolution

Companies wishing to participate in the Smart Revolution are increasingly tur...

Fri 06 March 2015

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IoT Business Platform Asia

The conference hall was full, the opening keynote was setting the scene on th...

Mon 23 February 2015

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India M2M + IoT Forum 2015

Day 2 has kicked off at the Royal Plaza Hotel venue, where for the second day...

Fri 20 February 2015

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2015 Iridium Partner Conference

Martin Wiesner and Alan Tait represented Stream Technologies at the 2015 Irid...

Thu 19 February 2015

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Stream Heads to Mobile World Congress With Big Plans

When the mobile community gathers in Barcelona March 2-5 for the highly antic...

Wed 18 February 2015

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Smart Cities Market Will Explode Over Next Five Years

When we talk about technology, we hear the word "smart" thrown around an awfu...

Mon 16 February 2015

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UK China Smart Cities Challenge

Stream Technologies was invited to present its Smart City solutions to a "Dra...

Tue 10 February 2015

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ARM Partners: Creating an Ecosystem for Earth's Ecosystem

Back in October, Stream Technologies was enlisted to join ARM's ecosystem of ...

Mon 09 February 2015

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U.S. and India Enter Partnership for Smart City Development

Soon after the calendar flipped to 2015, U.S. President Barack Obama ventured...

Fri 06 February 2015

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The Importance of Data Security for Maximising IoT Value

There's no denying the fact that the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potenti...

Thu 05 February 2015

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Disciplined Entrepreneurship Masterclass

Last week, I had the opportunity to join Kevin and Martin in (sunny!) Edinbur...

Mon 31 March 2014

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Internet of Things Dominates CES 2015

If you were able to attend this year's annual Consumer Electronics Associatio...

Wed 21 January 2015

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Nigel's Blog 18th December 2014

This is a short and fast blog. Kevin and I finally managed to align and free ...

Thu 18 December 2014

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Stream is turning from competitor to partner

About 18 months ago Stream embarked on a journey to complement its range of t...

Mon 01 December 2014

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Nigels Blog - 10th October

Case packed again and a (relatively short) flight down to Bezier in the south of...

Mon 20 October 2014

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The Future of Smart Cities

Not too long ago phones were used for making and receiving phone calls. Nothi...

Tue 21 October 2014

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Stream exhibiting at AfricaCom 2014

Stream Technologies will be exhibiting for the first time at AfricaCom from 1...

Wed 05 November 2014

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IoT-X Goes Global

Noise and interest around Stream's IoT-X Connectivity Enablement Platform is ...

Mon 10 November 2014

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Stream at the Cape

Martin and I have arrived into Cape Town for 2014 AfricaCom. It has been grea...

Mon 10 November 2014

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Stream team at AfricaCom

Day one for the Stream team at AfricaCom was a runaway success. ...

Wed 12 November 2014

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Africa Com day 2 and 3

Day 2 at the show and the meetings are still coming thick and fast. ...

Thu 13 November 2014

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Alan Tait, CTO, Blog 19th November

Which platform should you choose? I recently took part in a panel discussion ...

Wed 19 November 2014

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Martin's Blog November 2014

AfricaCom 2014 Roundup: When Kevin and I left for South Africa two weeks ago ...

Tue 25 November 2014

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