Optimising IoT eSIM & Connectivity Service Orchestration

IoT-X Platform

IoT-X is a world class agile eSIM, Cellular & LoRa Orchestration Platform.

IoT-X provides MNOs & Enterprise/OEM clients with subscriber management, billing, data routing and reporting capabilities for all their IoT connected devices.

IoT-X is a powerful lifecycle management platform for eSIM, cellular & LoRa connected devices, allowing full management, monitoring & billing for Connectivity Service Providers, Enterprises & OEMs.

Via well designed API's and private APN infrastructure, IoT-X is simple and cost efficient for MNOs to power IoT eSIM connectivity growth amongst their Enterprise clients.

For Enterprise Clients & OEMs, IoT-X enables freedom of choice as to MNO and coverage footprint evolvement; with multi-country/MNO with QoS becoming a reality through class leading eSIM orchestration technology.

Simplifying the Complex

Global Wireless Connectivity for IoT

Operating as an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) since 2000, Stream has a wealth of experience in the IoT industry.

Organisations subscribing to Stream's connectivity services gain access to Stream’s robust IoT network and receive high-quality, wireless, global, cellular connectivity, as well as unrivalled levels of technical support.